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Online Publicity, Social Media, and Website Development

"I'm not just impressed — I'm delivered more than I imagined was possible." —Alan Alda, Actor & Director

FSB Associates is the premier online marketing firm for authors and thought leaders in every discipline.

FSB Associates is the premier online publicity, marketing and branding firm

We specialize in creating online awareness for books and authors. Since the inception of the company in 1995, FSB has been a trendsetter in developing integrated online marketing campaigns for authors and publishers alike. Learn more

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Fauzia Burke is a sought after speaker and consultant to authors

Fauzia has been a leader in online marketing and digital branding for authors and others for over twenty years, now integrating publicity, branding, social media, and websites to establish clients online. Read more.

Online Marketing for Busy Authors

Online Marketing for Busy Authors

Exciting News!

Fauzia Burke's new book is now available from Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Visit for more information.

Online Publicity & Digital Branding

Online Publicity and Digital Branding has never been more important due to the rise of the mobile consumer. We believe that our experience and focus makes us the best digital marketing team. We integrate social media and web publicity to develop campaigns that promote our clients' expertise as well as their books.

Strategy & Social Media

Social Media is the glue that holds your digital marketing strategy together. It fuels dialogue and engagement. It drives reader loyalty and builds your brand. We manage social media feeds for our clients while building visibility through effective Facebook ads. We integrate this with online publicity for the best results.

Website Design & Development

Design cohesion is important across all your digital assets for optimal branding. Your website needs to be social and mobile friendly, it needs to function through good technology and architecture, and it needs to represent your brand. Our design sensibilities are motivated by the changing habits of the modern consumer.