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Online Publicity

We help build digital platforms, online brands, and launch books on the web. We call our process Social Publicity, because it integrates social media and online publicity in a fundamental way. It's a unique and proprietary model of publicity.

The role of a publicist has always been to promote the public image and reputation of people, products and businesses.

It is our job to develop a strategy, shape a consistent message, work with the media, and create exposure. This job has never been more important or multifaceted than right now. As a result of influential social media tools, the responsibility of a publicist is moving and growing, creating a very robust and exciting time for the industry.

At FSB we change constantly in exciting and fundamental ways. The tools to monitor, research, build relationships, and develop strategy have never been better. Our campaign will use these tools to help build a brand and platform for you on the web. In our efforts, we will incorporate digital publicity methods to reach influential bloggers, editors and consumers, all the while listening, responding, and adding value to your message through social media.

In a time when relationships mean more than ever, we have had many years to cultivate relationships with site editors and bloggers, having access to opportunities that others do not.

All FSB campaigns are customized and organic. We conduct extensive research and pitch each and every site individually, avoiding any cookie cutter campaigns and protecting your reputation online.

Because we value creativity and innovation we stay abreast of constantly changing trends and are sure to take advantage of every opportunity possible for your book.

Our staff of 5 is completely focused on promoting books and authors on the web. We are all available to speak with you anytime via phone or email, so never hesitate to connect with us. Focus has its benefits.

Online Features

Social Media

Before the start of the campaign we do research to assess the author's digital footprint. We work with them to develop, enhance and support their social media engagement. Throughout the campaign we feature them and the publicity results through our 14 different Twitter feeds.


The declining book review sections in traditional media channels have paved the way for a strong online community of reviewers and book lovers. We will tap into a direct and established audience online for your book, reaching consumers directly with book reviews.

Guest Blogs

Alternatively to maintaining a regular blog on your own, guest blogging presents a great opportunity for an expert to take advantage of the traffic of an already established blog. We will encourage features in communities that resonate closely with your book and expertise, increasing awareness and building a brand for you online.


Engaging and relevant, we will encourage sites and blogs to offer a free copy of your book along with a review or content placement. Book giveaway features encourage a response online that can result in increased Twitter followers, Facebook fans, traffic to your site or blog, and increased visibility for you and your book overall.

Interviews/Online Events

We will encourage interview opportunities and exclusive online events with top sites and blogs for your book. Features can include an email or phone interview, exclusive article, slideshow presentation, or highlighted excerpts from the book, providing a dynamic experience for the book online.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services.

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"Your creativity and diligent commitment to online publicity and social media are unsurpassed. Unequivocally, FSB Associates is the premier "Go-To" online marketer."

—Bill Bradley, Former U.S. Senator & NBA Hall of Famer

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